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Shoplifting - Police procedure

Extent: Jersey
July 1999
Updated 18 November 2013

A person apprehended for shoplifting is taken to Police Headquarters to be charged with the offence. If the Custody Officer feels that from the behaviour of profile of the person there may be concern for their mental welfare, the Police Surgeon will be asked to attend them. The Police Surgeon may liaise with the person's GP, if appropriate. Should it be considered that the offence was committed whilst the person was suffering from ill-health, then they will be released and a covering note added to the police documentation.

First time offenders are normally sent to Parish Hall Enquiry and dealt with by the Centenier. This may result in a warning or fine, but the case could be sent to the Magistrate's Court if the Centenier or defendant wishes it.

Previous offenders will always be dealt with by the Magistrate's Court.

There has been much research into 'unexplained' examples of shoplifting by otherwise respectable members of society, so far without any firm explanations for why this sometimes occurs. Such aberrations would be dealt with pragmatically by the Centenier at a Parish Hall Enquiry, who may simply issue a warning.