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Setting aside a judgement at the Petty Debts Court

Extent: Jersey
Updated 21 December 2018



If a judgement has been made against you in your absence (by default) at the Petty Debts Court for a debt that you do not accept liability for, it is possible to apply to have the judgement set aside or abandoned.

This is done by Summons at the Petty Debts Court and should be supported by an affidavit stating the reason for your absence and the reason you do not accept liability.

If you were present to defend the claim and/or you accept liability, you must pay the debt in full, obtain confirmation from the creditor when it is paid (letter of satisfaction) and have this added to your credit record. 

Please click here for information on clearing your credit record and a pro-forma  Affidavit in support of Application to set Aside a Judgement