Customs and Immigration Service

Extent: Jersey
Updated 20 December 2018

Words you may need to know


Customs - a place where goods including baggage may be examined to see what duty is payable or whether items may be imported


Duty - this is a tax that the Government puts on items to raise revenue (money)


Immigration - the act of entering a country, the control or passport point


For details of the work of the Customs and Immigration Service see www.gov.je/Government/Departments/HomeAffairs/Departments/CustomsImmigration/Pages/index.aspx

Customs and Immigration Service

Customer and Local Services, Phillip Le Feuvre House, La Motte Street, St Helier, Jersey, JE4 8PE


Telephone 448000
Fax 448034
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Passport Office

Telephone 448071
Fax 448034

Legalisation Office

Telephone 448071