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January 2009
Updated 14 March 2019


Words you need to know

Jersey Grant = allows a person to administer the personal property (moveable estate) of someone who has died.

Interest = legally enforceable right

Moveable Estate = money / shares / furniture / motor vehicles

Caveator = person creating Caveat


What is a Caveat?


A mechanism for preventing the making of a Jersey Grant.


Can I lodge a caveat?


You must have an interest in the moveable estate of a deceased person and wish to oppose the making of a Grant,


What grounds do you need to lodge a Caveat?


Seek local legal advice with regards to the merit of lodging a Caveat.


You need an address in Jersey for service - the address of a local legal firm would be the most common example.


How do I lodge a Caveat?


  1. Local Advocate or Solicitor
  2. Lodged in person


If lodged in person: the Caveator must give reasons for the Caveat when filing the relevant document and fee.






£80 in Court Stamps


How long is Caveat effective for?


Effective for six months from the date it is lodged with the Judicial Greffe.


It can be renewed in writing or before the expiry date.  This will cost an addItional £80 in Court stamps.


Can I lift Caveat during six month period?


If you have lodged the Caveat:


Withdraw = writing to the Registrar of Probate, Judicial Greffe within the six month period.


Lapse = simply let the Caveat become ineffective at the end of the six month period.


Estates with Caveat placed on it?


Use the link below to access the current list of Caveats in place:


If you wish to lodge a Caveat on Jersey real estate


Please contact the Public Registry Registrar, Judicial Greffe.




Judicial Greffe                                   


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