Young People - Proof of Age

Extent: Jersey
Updated 11 October 2017


Words You May Need To Know


Proof – something which shows or helps to show that a fact or something is correct

Standard – here, an agreed level which something needs to reach

Accreditation – official recognition

Scheme – an organised programme or policy

Hologram – here, a special security mark

Image – a copy


There is a Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS), which is a national proof of age accreditation scheme. A young person should make sure that any proof of age card s/he obtains is accredited under the scheme and can, therefore, be relied upon.


If it is accredited, it will have the PASS hologram. 


It should also bear the young person's full name, date of birth, a passport standard photograph and an image of the holder's signature.


A young person wanting to obtain a proof of age card should look at the PASS website for more information. 





Application forms


These can be downloaded from the Validate UK website or obtained from the Town Hall in St Helier.





Contact details :

The Town Hall

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Charing Cross

St Helier



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