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Speed Limits for large vehicles and cars pulling trailers


Speed limits for large vehicles and cars pulling trailers

Extent:      Jersey
Updated:  March 2017



Words you may need to know


Vehicle - motor car, van or motorised vehicle

Unladennot carrying a load

Maximum speed - the fastest that a vehicle is permitted to travel

Large vehicles are subject to an Island - wide maximum speed limit of 30mph.

The Road Traffic (Jersey) Law 1956 has an all Island 30mph limit on all vehicles over 2.5 tons unladen weight and any vehicle drawing a trailer.

All vehicles over 3.5 tonnes laden weight, as well as buses, coaches and vehicles drawing trailers have a 30mph limit. 

 If you passed your driving test after 1997 in a car, you will have been given a driving licence which will allow you to drive a car or small goods vehicle, up to 3.5 tonnes. A separate test is needed to drive a larger vehicle.

Further information can be found at Article 21 on

and in the Jersey Highway Code