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Lotteries - taking part in overseas and local lotteries ( 14.1.0.L1 )


Lotteries - taking part in overseas lotteries

 Extent:     Jersey
 Updated:  November 2016


Words you may need to know


Lotteries - an activity, situation, or enterprise with an outcome dependent on chance. A large-scale gambling game, usually organised to raise money for a public cause, in which numbered tickets are sold and a draw is held to select the winning numbers

Item – a thing

Domestic – belonging to the home or your country, not foreign

Foreign – from another country

Prohibited – not allowed, forbidden

Legislation - law

Residents - someone living in a place, a long term dweller

Illegal – against the law

Transaction - do business with, buy something, withdraw funds

Promoted -  to advertise something

Target – to deliberately select or aim for

Commercial syndicate – an organised group

Transferred – to give something to someone else so that they get the rights to it

Payout – when money is ‘paid out' or given to someone because they have a right to it

Third party – someone who is not connected to you eg someone selling lottery tickets in a booth or ticket stall

Trademark – company logo 


Buying Channel Islands Lottery tickets by post

Lottery tickets are an item on the Royal Mail’s list of prohibited items. Only United Kingdom lottery tickets can be sent in the domestic post to someone living in the UK. As Jersey is not part of the UK, Channel Island lottery tickets will most likely be considered foreign tickets and these are prohibited.

Posting tickets:

Can you take part in the UK National Lottery?

If visiting the UK on holiday or on business a Jersey resident can purchase a ticket in person and claim a prize if they win.

A Jersey resident cannot play the National Lottery or Euro Millions online. UK lottery legislation strictly limits playing online to UK residents.

UK lottery legislation also prohibits the re-selling of tickets.

The following explanation applies to any arrangement where an agent in the UK or Isle of Man purchases tickets on behalf of third parties outside of those territories:

‘Camelot does not endorse these types of arrangements. Individuals who participate in a commercial syndicate do so at their own risk as they must rely on the agent to transfer the winnings to them (Camelot would not be involved in such an arrangement nor in enforcing any agreement between the agent and their customer). Furthermore, the National Lottery Games Rules permit Camelot to withhold the payment of a prize where it can be shown that the winning ticket has been resold or transferred by way of trade. 

Camelot always takes action against any type of arrangement that makes use of the National Lottery Commission’s trademarks without consent.'

Can you take part in the UK lotteries?

Before you buy a ticket read the rules. The general rule is you enter a lottery through buying a ticket in person, however some other lotteries on sale in the UK such as in airports, will only payout to UK citizens. 

Can you take part in foreign lotteries?

It is illegal for overseas lotteries to target Jersey residents. Only the C.I Lottery and lotteries holding a licence or permit issued by the Jersey Gambling Commission can advertise in the Island. If you are sent applications for lottery tickets from any other jurisdiction such as Australia, Germany, Luxembourg or Malta it is illegal and should be reported to the police and Jersey Gambling Commission.

Email Scams

A lot of scams send out emails stating that you have won a lottery. Never give out your bank or personal details, and never pay for a prize.

Remember: if you had won the UK Lottery or Euromillions Lottery, the operators of these promotions would never contact you and ask for bank details. They do not know who you are. You have to contact them to claim a prize.

Jersey Gambling Commission

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Note: The Channel Islands Lottery is the responsibility of the States Department for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture.


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