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Rubbish skips on the road (2.5.50.L1)


Rubbish skips on the road

Extent:       Jersey
Updated:    April 2017


Words you may need to know

Skip - a large container for putting rubbish in for dumping / disposing

‘on its merits’ -  importance in the circumstances

Cones – here, pointed solid shape that has markings that can be seen in the dark

Litter -   rubbish



Skips in St Helier

The Parish would not usually permit skips to be placed in St Helier within the ring-roads. However, each situation is considered on it's merits.


The Parish expects any skips placed on a public highway to:


-          be placed on a bed of plywood or timber bearers to ensure there is no damage to the road surface;

-          be surrounded by cones (with reflective sleeves) on their outer edges and lamps to warn road users; and

-          have a  plastic cover that can be tied down over  it to prevent it becoming a litter ground or items being removed.


Permission must be obtained by speaking with the St Helier Parish Street's Inspector :


Tel:      811811 / 811847

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For further information about construction works in St Helier see:


Other island parishes

For information about placing skips on public roads in other parishes the parish hall of the parish should be contacted.


Further advice: Companies who hire skips  should be able to offer advice.