Tattooing - Body piercing

Extent: Jersey
Updated 7 February 2019

Legal requirements

1 The Piercing and Tattooing (Jersey) Law 2002 makes it necessary for both practitioners and premises to be registered regardless of whether the piercing or tattooing is done for reward. A registered person may occasionally administer treatment elsewhere from the registered premises if they have prior approval from the Minister for Health and Social Services. The Law does not apply to persons who are registered under any other Law which permits the administering of treatment as part of the professional activities which that person is registered to perform in the Island.

Treatment, piercing and tattooing of minors

2 The age of majority in Jersey is 18 years. Except when the treatment consists of any procedure performed by a doctor or dentist in the course of their practice, a person shall not:

General powers of entry and investigation

3 A designated officer appointed by the Health and Social Services Department will have the authority to enter registered premises, take or remove for examination, analysis or evidence any substances, articles or other things found on the premises. They will have authority to examine records and require any person there to provide information with regard to any person who has administered treatment from the premises. A minimum of forty-eight hours notice should be given to the owner or occupier of the premises except in an emergency. It is possible for the Bailiff, a Jurat, the Magistrate or Sous-Magistrat to waive these requirements in certain circumstances.