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Restaurant enquiries and complaints

Extent: Jersey
Updated 29 May 2019

Service charge added to drinks bill - 3rd category (Restaurant) licence

1. It is not legal to add a service charge to the cost of alcoholic drinks. Under the Licencing (Jersey) Law, 1974 (as amended) Article 42(c) a restaurant is required to display the prices of intoxicating liquor and it is an offence to charge a higher price.

2.  It is also necessary under Article 42 to display the cost of food and other refreshments, most restaurants do state whether a service charge will be added to food.

Service charge added to drinks bill - 5th category (Club) licence

3.  There is NO legal requirement to display prices. Members of the club agree the price e.g. Golf Clubs. If a service charge is added to the drinks bill in a club there is nothing a client can do, they are obliged to pay.

Hotel Inspectors

4.  For problems with hotels and restaurants, other than hygiene matters, contact Visit Jersey on 859000. Hygiene problems should be reported to the Environmental Health Department - see 10.8.1.L5

Cancelling a reservation

5.  When you book a table in a restaurant you are entering into a contract, if you fail to turn up at the restaurant or cancel with little notice they would be within their rights to charge the client for lost profit if they have been unable to fill the table. Also, if a table has been booked for a larger number than actually turn up at the restaurant, the additional covers could be billed, this sometimes happens when a large party is booked, perhaps during the Christmas period.

Police Licencing Unit

6.  Any specific enquiries concerning the application of the Licencing (Jersey) Law, 1974 can be referred to the Police Licencing Unit. Telephone: 612416.  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.