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Pricing of goods

Extent: Jersey
Updated 6 February 2019

1 For information on your statutory rights as a consumer see 13.1.0.L1. A shopkeeper has the right to set the prices of items being offered for sale.

2 A vendor has the right to withdraw any item from sale at any time, and the purchaser cannot insist that an item is sold at any particular price which may have been displayed or advertised.

3 Where a genuine mistake has been made in the pricing of an item, the vendor may point this out to the customer at the point of sale (for example, a client may be told of a price change at the supermarket checkout). It is then up to the customer to decide whether to purchase the item at that price.

4 Should the mistake be noticed after the sale, it is then too late for the vendor to claim any extra money but he may offer a refund if the purchaser has been charged too much.