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Jersey Consumer Council

Extent: Jersey
Updated 25 February 2016

1. Establishment

An independent consumer body set up by the States of Jersey in 1995

The States of Jersey approved a New Mandate and Governance Arrangements for the Jersey Consumer Council in early 2011


The JCC will be incorporated as an Association in accordance with Article 1 of the Loi (1862) Sur Les Teneures en Fidéicommis et L’incorporation d’Associations. The new organisation will have a Chairman and a Board.

The Economic Development Department has also taken action to establish the Jersey Consumer Council (JCC) as a legal entity, the new governance arrangements will enable the JCC to operate in a more independent, flexible manner with its day to day operations being managed by an Executive Officer.

2. Purpose

Aims & Objectives


For Jersey Consumer Council to be a household name so islanders can understand our role and how we can help them.

The Jersey Consumer Council is an organisation which seeks information, investigates, highlights and publicises anomalies and irregularities in consumer affairs and encourages good trading practices by local business, with the assistance of other organisations and States departments where appropriate.


The Jersey Consumer Council is here to

  • Help you make informed decisions when using goods and services; for example tips and guidance how to employ a tradesman, helping you to understand the complexities and choices of telecommunication packages or how your comments shape services for others for example changes to local car park payment systems.


  • Undertake research and surveys to quantify public opinion; for example our Primary Health Care survey and user group has quantified target Primary Health proposals covering a broad range of issues.


  • Raise consumers issues of concern with decision and policy makers: for example the Council meet with policy makers to raise your concerns on such issues as Primary Health, transport difficulties and fuel prices.


  • Get involved with consultations to ensure the consumers’ voice is heard and making it count. The Council responds to key consultations to ensure that the Consumer is represented on such topics as Health, telecommunications and Financial Services Ombudsman.


  • We herald good trading practices and customer service.

The Consumer Council promotes a culture of transparency so that islanders can understand consumer issues better.

3. Current contact details

Consumer Council Executive Officer:


Jersey Consumer Council 

9-13 Central Market 

St. Helier

JE2 4WL 

Telephone: 611161

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.