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Exemptions from Income Tax - Tax thresholds and Marginal Relief



Exemptions from Income Tax - Tax thresholds Income Tax Allowances and exemption limits and marginal relief


    Extent:      Jersey 
    Updated:   December 2018

Words You May Need to Know


Deduction – an amount that is taken off the total

Allowance – money that you do not have to pay tax on

Earner – someone who gets money from working

Applied – used


Personal Income Tax

Personal income tax in Jersey is based around a 20% rate of tax. There are some deductions and allowances that people can claim off their tax bill.

What is Marginal Tax Relief?

There is also a separate calculation known as ‘marginal relief.’ This calculation is applied to make sure that people who are low to middle income earners do not pay too much tax.

These deductions and allowances and the calculation of marginal relief are all explained on the tax information website:


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