Planning and Building Services

Extent: Jersey
Updated 12 February 2016

Words you may need to know

Enforce/ ment - make people obey

Environment - the natural world

Energy efficiency - the good use of energy (electricity, oil, gas,) without waste

Requirements - needs

Planning and Building Services

Planning and Building Services enforce the main laws about the development and use of land in the island and the creation of buildings. There is comprehensive information on all the services provided here:

Builders and developers need to get Building Permission - this is a range of checks to make sure that the building bye - laws have been met.


Planning Applications:

For more information and advice on making planning applications see :


Building Applications

See : www.gov.je/PlanningBuilding/MakingApplication/Building /Pages/Process.aspx

Building Bye - Laws

Building bye - laws set standards for building work. Their purpose is to protect building users by making sure that all buildings are safe and healthy places in which to live and work. The building bye - laws also aim to protect the environment through setting requirements to ensure energy efficiency in building. They are also concerned with making access to buildings easier for disabled people.

Also see Building Bye - Laws (Jersey) 2007 on the Jersey Legal Information Board website :



See :



See :

www.gov.je/PlanningBuilding/AppealsComplaints/ Pages/UnauthorisedWorkComplaint.aspx