Control of high hedges (including Cupressus Leylandii)

Extent: Jersey
Updated 30 August 2019

Words you may need to know

Resolve - settle an argument, bring a disagreement to an end

Neighbour - someone living along side you

Guidance - advice, help or support

Cupressus Leylandii - a type of fir tree that grows to a great height

The High Hedges [Jersey] Law came into force on the 11th January 2008. A copy of the Law can be found at


If you have a problem with the height of a neighbour's hedge, you will need to show that you have made attempts to resolve the dispute with them. You should keep records of any conversations and approaches made. The fee that must be paid for a complaint made to the Minister for Environment is £350.

Guidance which has been published by the UK Government, entitled "Hedge Height and Light Loss" is already available and will be used by the Minister for Planning and Environment to decide whether a high hedge is a problem. You can see the guidance at


For any other queries about the new Law contact the Assistant Director-Policy and Projects at Planning and Building Services.  Telephone:  445508

For more information on problems with trees and hedges, please see page 11.8.52.L3