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Roads (2.5.50)



Extent:     Jersey
Updated:   March 2017


Words you may need to know

Condition - the state of

Extinguishment - to end

Legalises - makes legal

Conversion - alter or change

Immemorial - so old it seems to have always existed

Condition of roads

In St Helier: Problems to Director of Technical and Environmental Services, Town Hall.

In Parishes: Problems to Constable / Roads Committee

NOTE: Some main roads in Parishes and in St Helier are the responsibility of the Department of Infrastructure

Extinguishment of private lane and conversion to public road

A Parish Assembly can do this by the minutes of a meeting. No legal change is needed, the minute makes the action legal.

If a ‘chemin de voisine’ (see below) has been used by the public since time immemorial it could have the effect of turning it into a public road. The same cannot happen to a ‘chemin prive’ (see below).

Types of road

  • Grande Route - A main road under the administration of the Minister for Department of Infrastructure
  • Chemin Vicinal - A by-road under the administration of the relevant parish.
  • Chemin de Voisine - A private road belonging to two or more landowners.
  • Chemin Prive - A private road belonging to the owner or owners of just one property.