Jersey Chartered Surveyors ( 11.1.38 )


Jersey Chartered Surveyors

Extent: Jersey
Updated 19 July 2019



Words you may need to know


Structural defect - this is any problem that a property might have in the fabric of the building

Construction - this is the way something has been built

Environmental issues -  relates to the surrounding area and things such as the land, the air and the water

Professional standards - this is the behaviour that a member is expected to abide and work by

Promotes - raises awareness of, raises the profile of, tells people about their standards

What is a Chartered Surveyor?


At the most basic level, their duties include valuing property and looking for structural defects in buildings. They also provide expert consultancy advice in property, construction and related environmental issues. The organisation that represents them is the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.