Housing Trusts and Associations

Extent: Jersey
Updated 22 January 2019


What are Housing Trusts and Associations

Non-profit trusts offering accommodation to those eligible through the Affordable Housing Gateway.

For further information see:www.gov.je/Home/RentingBuying/StatesHousing/ApplicationAllocation/Pages/HowToApply.aspx


1 F B Cottages HousingTrust - Formed in 1923.
  Chairman: Colin Smith  
  Administration: For Housing Qualified families, administered by EFG Offshore Ltd., PO Box 641, I Seaton Place, St Helier. Telephone 605600. Contact Betty Benest.
    FB Cottages, St Clement 12 flats and 36 houses
    Clos de Paradis, St. Helier 28 flats and 54 houses
2 Les Vaux Housing Trust - Formed in 1991 - 271 units  Website: www.lesvauxhousingtrust.org.je
  Chairman: Francis Le Gresley  
  Managers: Voisin-Hunter Ltd, One Esplanade, St Helier, JE2 3QA Telephone 507777
    Troy Court 96 flats
    Valley Court  
    Landscape Grove 40 flats
    Berry House  
    Leonard Norman Close  
    6-7 St Saviour's Crescent  
    Perquage Court  
3 CTJ Housing Trust - Formed 1995        Website:- www.ctjhousingtrust.org.je
  Chairman Charles Thacker
  Managers: Voisin-Hunter, One Esplanade, St Helier, JE2 3QA
Telephone 507777
    8 Lemprière Street 4 bed house
    12 Lemprière Street 4 bed house
    12a Lemprière Street 1 bed house
    Bas du Mont, Pier Road 9x 3 bed flats,
6x 2 bed flats,
1x 1bed flat
    La Bénéfice, St Clement 9x 4 bed houses,
64x 3 bed houses
    Clos des Charmes, St Peter 16x 3 bed houses,
3x 2 bed houses,
12x 1 bed flats
4 Jersey Homes Trust - Formed 1995. Website: www.jerseyhomestrust.org.je
  Chairman: Michael Van Neste  
  Managers: Brunel Management Ltd, 48-50 New Street, St Helier.

Telephone 750200

Fax 769714

    Brooklands, Old Trinity Hill 15 units of flats and houses
    La Folie Estate, St Lawrence 20 units of houses and flats
    Maison de St Nicholas, St Peter 6 flats
    St Paul's Gate, Dumaresq Street 17 flats
    Cherry Grove, Roussel Street 12 flats
    Kent Lodge, Clarendon Road 7 flats
    St Saviour's Court, St Saviour's Road 28 flats
    Belle Vue, Route des Quennevais, St Brelade 90 units, houses and flats
    La Roseraie, Mont Millais, 35 houses and 10 flats
    Le Jardin Fleuri, Grouville 16 houses
    Berkshire Court, La Motte Street 113 one bedroom flats
    5 St Clement's Road, St Helier 10 flats
    Victoria Place,Albert Pier 78 flats
    Cannon / Lempriere Street 40 flats and 1 house
    Clement Court, Ann Street 26 flats


Le Grand Clos, St John's Road

Clos Le Gallais, Trinity Hill

Le Coie, Springfield Road

4 houses and 15 flats

54 houses

13 houses

96 flats