Updated March 2017


The Neurosciences team look after all neurological conditions including;

· Multiple Sclerosis

· Motor Neurone Disease

· Huntington's Disease

· Parkinson’s Disease

· Epilepsy

· Dystonia

· Tremor,

· Headache/migraine,

· Brain tumours,

· Acute brain injury 

· Any other neurological condition.

 The Neurosciences team

· Dr Gibson, Consultant Neurologist

· Dr Vaz, Associate Specialist in Neurology

· Sister Sarah Jemson, Nurse Specialist

· Sister Sarah Kean, Nurse Specialist

· Carole Luce, neuroscience secretary

· Kate Linker, admin support

· Julie Le Sueur, secretary


Based at Westmount assessment and rehabilitation centre, Westmount Road, St Helier, JE2 3LP


Opening hours

The department is open from 08:30-17:30

Referral process

Your GP will refer you by letter. The consultant will prioritise you before adding your name to the waiting list. We make appointments according priority or in date order.


During clinic

You will be either seen by a doctor, who specialises in Neurology or a Clinical Nurse Specialist.

There may be a junior doctor or medical student present. He/she would only be observing, and we will see you without them present if you prefer.

A clinic nurse is always on hand to act as your chaperone and answer any of your queries.

We will ask some questions about your general health. Please give details of any existing medical conditions and of your current complaint.