General Practitioner Services for visitors/newcomers and GP Co-Op Out of Hours Service

Extent: Jersey
Updated 20 December 2018

General information for all visitors (inc UK) to Jersey

1.Some countries have reciprocal health care agreements with Jersey which will cover emergency hospital treatment. These are, Australia, Austria, Barbados, France, Guernsey, Alderney, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and the UK.
Visitors from the UK should consider taking out travel insurance to cover the cost of repatriation in the event of serious illness.

There is a new website designed to provide travel insurance to UK residents visiting Jersey. It is called www.jerseytravelinsurance.com

People with existing travel or health insurance policies are advised to check that the policy covers travel to Jersey.

General Practitioner Service

2. There is a General Practitioner Service for holiday visitors and newcomers, who have been in the island for less than six months. This service is provided by the majority of the GP surgeries throughout the island.  You should ask the GP surgery to advise you of their charges before booking.

After 6 months of residence a newcomer becomes eligible for Health Insurance benefits [drugs and medical benefit] provided they registered with Customer and Local Services on arrival in the island and paid social security contributions. A person over the age of 65 will also need to register with  Customer and Local Services even though they will not be required to make any Social Security contributions.

Day-time hours of treatment ( for contact details see list of surgeries below)

During day time hours (Monday to Friday 08.00 to 18.00 and Saturday 08.00 to 12.00) you can telephone the GP surgery to make an appointment

Out of hours treatment/GP Co-Op Out of Hours Services

To access the GP Co-op Out of Hours Service (Monday - Friday 18.00 to 08.00, Saturday 12.00 -08.00, Sunday 08.00-08.00 and Public and Bank Holidays 08.00-08.00) you can telephone any of the GP surgery numbers listed below to make an appointment.

The surgery is accessed by the Gwynneth Huelin entrance to the General Hospital.

Fees charged as at 10/09/13

  Local resident
with health card
Visitor or
seasonal worker
Surgery/Clinic Consultation £45.77 £66.05
Home Visit 8am - 11pm £91.26 £111.54
Home Visit 11pm - 8am £114.53 £134.81
Telephone advice Free Free

Fees and charges

A fee for medical consultation will be charged for each and every visit you make. In addition, you will have to pay for any additional treatments and the full private prescription charge for each item dispensed. Please ask the individual surgery / pharmacy to advise you of the cost.


Medical prescriptions can be dispensed at any of the community pharmacies. You should ask the pharmacist to advise you of their charges before dispensing.

St Helier Parish Town surgeries

St Mark's Medical Centre Tel 723456
Route du Fort Tel 731421
Indigo House Tel 730541
York House Tel 720156
Windsor Medical Practice Tel 732341
Cleveland Clinic Tel 722381
Island Medical Centre, 14 Gloucester Street Tel 516151
The Surgery, 7 David Place Tel 736666
The Lido Medical Practice Tel 723892
Clifden House Surgery Tel 732824
Ivyhouse Surgery Tel 728777
The Laurels Tel 733866
41 David Place Tel 723318
Lister House Tel 736336
8 Elizabeth Place Tel 874095
Health Plus Tel 733322
The Surgery, 7 Clarendon Road Tel 870151

Surgeries in other parishes

Leodis, Route du Quennevais, St Brelade Tel 498775
St Ouen Surgery, Route de Vinchelez, St Ouen Tel 485324
Cleveland Clinic, Red Houses, St Brelade Tel 745511
Industria House, Red Houses, St. Brelade Tel 516152
Fearnlea, Rue des Sablons, Grouville Tel 516154
The Surgery, Temple Court, St John Tel 516153
St. Peter's Surgery, St Peter Tel 484533
Lister Surgery, Quennevais, St. Brelade Tel 741641
Le Ruisselet, St. Ouen Tel 481215