Prescriptions charges

Updated 20 December 2018

Prescription Charges

From 1st February 2008, prescriptions will be free to local residents who hold a Health Benefits card issued by Customer and Local Services.

Delivery service

When it is not possible for the client to collect her/his prescription from a chemist, nor to arrange for a friend or family member to collect it, it is worth phoning the nearest chemist shop to ask if they will deliver. Although not necessarily offering a delivery service, many pharmacists will make special arrangements in cases of need. The prescription will have to be faxed or phoned through by the doctor.

UK prescriptions

UK prescriptions can be countersigned by Jersey doctors and dispensed locally but they will be treated as PRIVATE prescriptions which could prove to be expensive. It might be possible to claim this from a Private Health or Travel Insurance but not from the NHS in the UK. Visitors from the UK will have to pay the full cost of prescriptions from 1st April 2009.