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Parking Fine Queries / Unpaid parking fines (St. Helier) ( 2.5.28.L2 )


Parking fine queries /Unpaid parking fines - St Helier

Extent:      Jersey
Updated:   Jan 2017


Words you may need to know

Administered  - looked after

Public Car Park - a car park which is owned by the Parish or the States, not private

Contest - disagree with

Related – here, involved with or relevant

Registered keeper – if you own a vehicle you have to have your name recorded as its owner

Penalty – fine / punishment

Incurred – here, when the fine was issued or given out

Parish Hall Enquiry – a meeting with officials held at a parish hall to discuss a breach of law or other problem

Viscount - this is a court appointed person who is tasked with collecting in the fines

Stood down - temporarily stopped

Infraction - a breach of the law

Remanded date – when the first date for a court hearing is changed to a later date

Public Car Parks

These are administered by the Department for Infrastructure. Their office is at Sand Street Car Park. Motorists with a genuine reason to contest their fine should put their case in writing putting in parking scratch cards if related.

If you fail to pay the £40 fine within the time you are allowed, a letter will be sent to you if you are the registered keeper of the vehicle at the address on the Vehicle Registration documents. This letter informs the vehicle owner (you) that the £40 has now risen to £60.

Note – it is an offence not to update the registration details within 7 days if you change address or sell your vehicle and a fine of up to £1000 can be applied.

After a period of 21 days from the date the penalty was incurred, a further letter is sent. If the fine remains unpaid, the Department will try to trace the vehicle owner. Attempts are made by the Department to get payment without having to go to Court.

If a penalty remains unpaid 28 days after being issued, the Department will forward the parking ticket/s to St Helier Town Hall for a summons to be sent.

Street Parking

On-street parking in St Helier is controlled by the Parish. Motorists with a genuine reason to contest their fine should put their case in writing to the Parking Administration Department. The Department’s contact details are outlined on the front of the parking notice.

If the parking ticket has not been paid within 7 working days, a letter of invitation to attend a Parish Hall Inquiry will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle at the address on the Vehicle Registration documents.

If the fine(s) remains unpaid after the date of the Parish Hall Inquiry a summons will be sent by postal service to the address on the Vehicle Registration documents. This will give a Court date.

If the registered keeper does not appear in court, an order will be made for their arrest.

The next contact will be from the Viscount, possibly at the vehicle keeper's place of work.

See Fines, 4.20.0, for details of Court fines.  (Note: all fines have recently been increased following introduction of the Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Jersey) Law 2016 which in many motoring cases, inclusive of parking, has raised the power of the Magistrate’s Court to fine up to £1,000.  Other offences may now attract fines not exceeding £10,000)

If you claim not to have received the summons due to changing your address, the case may be stood down while an additional charge sheet is made up with details of that further infraction. You will then appear later on the Court list or on a remanded date and may face a penalty fine in respect of the parking offence, PLUS a penalty fine for failing to inform the authorities of your new address.