Extent: Jersey
Updated 22 January 2019

Jersey Meningitis Trust (National Meningitis (Jersey) Trust)

The Objects of the Trust are:-
- To relieve sickness and distress among persons in Jersey who are suffering meningitis or who are disabled as a result of meningitis.
- To try to save lives by making people in Jersey aware of the symptoms of meningitis and providing information.
- To assist in the funding of research into all strains of meningitis whether viral or bacterial and to assist with and or fund the publication and dissemination of the useful results thereof.
- To relieve the poverty of the families of persons in Jersey who are suffering from meningitis or who are disabled as a result of meningitis or to the families of persons who might die from meningitis.
- To preserve and protect the health of the public in Jersey by assisting in the development of programmes for vaccination or otherwise that are designed to prevent the development and spread of meningitis.
- To offer support and comfort to sufferers, their families and loved ones.

19 Greenvale
La Petite Route des Mielles
St Brelade

t: 01534 440343 (W) 01534 745246 (H)
e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.