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Aids and appliances for people with a physical impairment ( 10.2.1. )
Aids for disabled - REMAP, FNHC Jersey Society for the Disabled etc ( 10.2.1.L3 )
Alcohol dependency ( 10.1.1.L1 )
Ankylosing Spondylitis Society ( 10.2.33. )
Arthritis ( 10.2.19. )
Autism Jersey [10.2.90]
Blood donation ( 10.6.0.L1 )
Breast Clinic ( 10.2.34.L2 )
Cancer Screening for Women ( 10.6.9.L1 )
Cancer, assistance local organisations ( 10.2.34. )
Causeway Association - Hostel for mothers and babies ( 10.4.12. )
Chemists / Pharmacists ( 10.6.5. )
Children's Health and Child Immunisations ( 10.8.2.L1 )
Chiropody - private ( 10.7.10. )
Chiropractice ( 10.7.12. )
Colostomy and Ileostomy ( 10.2.42. )
Community psychiatric nursing services ( 10.5.5.L3 )
Coronavirus (COVID-19) 10.8.1.L1
Day Surgery Unit - General Hospital ( 10.6.7.L9 )
Department of Health and Community Services ( 10.0.0.L9 )
DIPS - disabled swimming ( 10.2.6.L1 )
Drug and solvent abuse-where to get help and information ( 10.1.2. )
Environmental Health Department - all matters ( 10.8.1.L5 )
Funding dental treatment in Jersey ( 10.7.4.L2 )
Gambling Addiction- support groups / Self Exclusion ( 10.1.4. )
Gervaise Le Gros Resource Centre ( 10.8.2.L4 )
Health visitors / clinics ( 10.8.2.L3 )
Heart ( 10.2.40. )
Interpreters in hospital ( 10.6.7.L7 )
JEDS (Jersey Eating Disorders Support) ( 10.2.68. )
Jersey Society for the Disabled ( 10.2.6.L2 )
Kidney patients ( 10.2.41. )
Leisure services for people with learning difficulties ( 10.2.6.L8 )
Meals on Wheels and Private meal delivery service ( 10.8.6. )
Medic Alert ( 10.6.8.L1 )
Medical negligence - Medical accidents ( 10.7.0. )
Miscarriage / Stillbirth / Premature baby support group ( 10.4.35. )
My Voice - IAJ Independent Advocacy Jersey ( 10.5.4.L3 )
Narcotics Anonymous ( 10.1.2.L3 )
Patient transport to UK and Guernsey hospitals ( 10.6.7.L3 )
People with disabilities ( 10.2.0.L3 )
Post Natal Depression Support ( 10.4.50. )
Provision of special dietary / medical products ( 10.2.1.L9 )
Psychology / Psychotherapy service ( 10.5.5.L1 )
Public Health Service - services on offer ( 10.0.0.L4 )
Residential opportunities for people with learning difficulties ( 10.2.5.L1 )
Residents and Non-Residents Eligibility for Access to Health and Community Services and Treatment ( 10.6.7.L4 )
Saneline ( 10.5.4.L1 )
Speech and language therapy ( 10.2.10. )
Women's Health( 10.8.2.L2 )
Words and Numbers Matters (10.8.3)


Dementia Jersey

Extent: Jersey
Updated 01 March 2021

Background and Aims

Dementia Jersey, previously Jersey Alzheimer’s Association was formed in April 2010 and 11 years later offer a range of services that support local people affected by dementia of whatever sort, in whatever way.

The organisation provides advice, support and information to the community as a whole and has since 2012 seen an increase of over 235% in the amount of people seeking our support and accessing our activities. People of all ages, their families, friends and carers.


The Dementia Jersey team have a very clear vision, being to quite simply make Jersey a more dementia friendly island where all those affected by dementia are understood, welcomed and supported. 

Over the last year JAA have had to find new ways of supporting their friends and clients and now offer a blend of virtual and face to face support and activities that ranges from counselling and dementia advice, carers support and community activities such as their amazing musical memories and arts exploration groups.

The team provides education and awareness sessions to schools, community groups, local companies and organisations including the successful Dementia Friends programme.


Dementia Friends is the biggest ever initiative to change people’s perception of dementia and to date over 3 million people have attended awareness sessions worldwide. Focused 45 minute sessions aim to change the way people think, act and talk about dementia. Specially trained Dementia Champions deliver face to face awareness sessions to small groups, schools and in the workplace aimed to help people learn about what it is like to live with dementia and asks them to turn that understanding into action by helping others around them. This may be as simple as telling others about Dementia Friends or visiting someone they know living with dementia, every action counts.


Dementia in Jersey


Across the world dementia is estimated to affect 50 million people, 850,000 across the UK and 1,600 in Jersey. This number is set to increase to over 2 million people affected in the UK and 3,750 in Jersey by 2050.


Dementia Jersey has grown to be a well-respected charity with an excellent community profile and network of supporter and partners. The association has 7 staff in various positions supported by the regular and invaluable input of over 30 dedicated volunteers.



Our patron

Lady Dalton

How to Contact Us


Opening Times


Our office is open Monday – Friday, 10am – 2pm


Our Address


de Carteret House
Hilgrove Street
St. Helier






The Dementia Jersey office is at the junction of Hilary Street and Hilgrove Street.

They are opposite Le Gallais Self Storage, only a short distance from Customer and Local Services in La Motte Street.




01534 723519




This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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