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Reciprocal Social Security and Healthcare agreements

Extent: Jersey
Updated 8 October 2014

Social Security Agreements

1. Countries which have a reciprocal  Social Security agreement with Jersey are: Austria, Barbados, Bermuda, Canada, Cyprus, France, Guernsey, Ireland, United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man), Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. These agreements do not necessarily provide payment of all benefits obtainable in Jersey or the other country. Contact the Social Security Department for more information.

Reciprocal Health Care Agreements

2.Countries which have a reciprocal health care agreement with Jersey are: Australia, Austria, Barbados, France, Guernsey & Alderney, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and the UK*.

*(reinstated in April 2011, with the addendum 'no public funds are intended to change hands under this agreement')

For information on the provision of hospital treatment and care to residents, non-residents, overseas visitors and foreign nationals, please see the following link:

Residents and Non- Residents Charging Policy

Reciprocal Health Agreement between Jersey and the UK (England, Wales Scotland & Northern Ireland)

A reciprocal healthcare agreement was signed in April 2011 and provides for emergency health treatment for Jersey residents visiting the UK and for emergency health treatment for UK residents visiting Jersey (known as Visitors)

A “Visitor” means a person whose stay has not exceeded and is not expected to exceed three calendar months

The emergency treatment granted will be in the form of diagnosis of symptoms and signs occurring for the first time after arrival in the host territory or treatment in the opinion of a medical or dental practitioner providing health services subject to the national legislation of the host participant is required promptly for a condition which:

1) Arose after the visitor’s arrival in a host territory
2) Became acutely exacerbated after a visitor’s arrival or
3) But for the treatment would be likely to become exacerbated after the visitor’s arrival

Prescription and dental charges will be payable by the visitor.

Any repatriation charges will be covered by the visitor.


3.  It is essential for Jersey residents travelling to France to hold a current "attestation certificate', obtainable from the Social Security Department.The certificate can be issued to a family, or individually, and is valid for five years, but must be stamped by the Department annually. Patients not holding a valid, stamped certificate will be required to pay for treatment, and a subsequent refund is very difficult to obtain. See 2.7.3.L2 Attestation Certificates

Other Countries

For details on what treatment is covered by the reciprocal health care agreement see the booklet -The Jersey Traveller's Guide to Health or