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Reciprocal  Healthcare Agreements (9.16.16)



Reciprocal Social Security and Healthcare agreements


Extent:      Jersey

Updated:   December 2018



Words you may need to know

Calendar month – a full month eg 1st – 31st January

Reciprocal - something which is mutual or done in return eg in this information a ‘reciprocal agreement’ is an agreement made between two countries which aim to behave in a similar manner towards each other about the subject of the agreement

Visitor – someone who is travelling to a country but who does not live or work there, or plan to live or work there ( but see extra definition below for the health care agreement)

Vice versa – the other way around

Country of residence – where you live

Diagnosis – when you identify a problem by examining the symptoms or signs of something

Repatriation – when something or somebody goes back to their own country

Monitoring – watching / assessing the progress of something

Chronic - very serious, acute



Reciprocal Health Care Agreements

A Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement is designed to provide emergency health care to visitors who travel between reciprocating countries. However, what care is provided, the extent to which it is free, and the conditions that apply vary. Travellers are therefore strongly advised to always take out insurance anywhere they go, including when they are just visiting relatives.    

Please contact Customer and Local Services or refer to the website below for advice:


Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement (RHA) with the UK

The current agreement was signed in 2011 and was made between the UK (which includes England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and Jersey.  Jersey is not covered by the NHS.  

In summary, the agreement means that if a resident of Jersey who qualifies for free healthcare in Jersey requires emergency hospital treatment when visiting the UK (or vice versa) they will not have to pay certain healthcare charges.

However, they must be travelling as a ‘Visitor’ to qualify i.e. their visit must not be intended to last longer (and has not lasted longer) than three months. 

The charges for bringing a sick person, or a body, back to their country of residence, are not covered by the agreement.

-          In summary, the RHA covers only treatment required promptly for a condition which arose or started after arrival into the UK or became (or without treatment would have become) much worse after their arrival.  Services such as the routine monitoring of chronic/pre-existing conditions are not included and free treatment is limited to that which is urgent in that it cannot wait until the patient can reasonably return to Jersey. 

-          Any charges that apply to residents in the country being visited would also apply to the visitor eg prescription or dental charges.

For full details see: 


Reciprocal Health Agreements with other countries

Jersey has reciprocal health agreements with a number of different countries, as well as the UK. Generally, these only cover emergency treatment and the extent of the free treatment will vary between countries.

People are strongly advised not to rely on these RHAs to cover the cost of any treatment and anyone leaving Jersey on a trip is strongly advised to take out insurance to cover the costs of any treatment and possible repatriation back to Jersey.

 If you live in Jersey you cannot claim a refund from any States Department for medical bills that you receive if you fall ill and require treatment in another country. 

Jersey has reciprocal health agreements with:

Australia, Austria, France, Guernsey & Alderney, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom.


Attestation Certificates

Jersey has a special limited health care arrangement with the French government for British and French nationals who normally live in Jersey and who are registered under the Jersey Social Security Scheme.


The arrangement only contributes towards the cost of ‘urgent hospital in-patient treatment’ whilst visiting France. It does not cover any other medical services.


For more information  see:      2.7.3.L2 Attestation Certificates


Further information on all the Reciprocal Health Agreements is available from is Customer and Local Services: 

Customer and Local Services,  Philip Le Feuvre House, La Motte Street, St Helier.

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Residents and Non- Residents Charging Policy 

For those moving to live and work in Jersey, and visitors not covered by a Reciprocal Health Agreement, there are rules around when people can access free healthcare outside the Emergency Department of the hospital.   Please follow the link below:


Visiting  Doctors (GP’s)

There are different rules around visiting GPs in Jersey.