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Driving licences - Security Checks before Issue ( 2.5.4.L1 )


Driving licences - security checks

Extent: Jersey
Updated: 23 March 2017

Words you may need to know


Licence - an official permit. A printed document that gives permission to a specific person or group to own something or do something

Security - something that provides a sense of protection against loss, attack, or harm

Identification - proof of who you are


It can take up to one working week to receive a licence by post, but you can get a ‘fast track’ one at an extra cost of £20.

There is a computer check to see if you have been refused a licence before or if you have applied for a licence in another parish. Checks are also there to make sure that the last licence you were issued with is the one being exchanged/renewed.

The licence is posted to you to guard against anyone giving a false address when applying for a licence, or using licences with false addresses as a form of fake identification. If a licence is ‘fast tracked’ then a recent proof of address is required.

Young people wishing to receive their provisional licence on their sixteenth or seventeenth birthday can do so but they will need to use the ‘fast track’ service as licences can only be issued once the person applying reaches the minimum age requirement for the category of licence they are applying for. If their birthday is on a weekend or bank holiday, it can only be issued the following working day.