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Cold Weather Payments

Extent: Jersey
Updated: 1 November 2013

Income Support-Special Payments[Cold Weather Payments] Jersey Regulations

These Regulations enable the Social Security Department to make a special payment for such of the months from October until April in which the average daily temperature for each day falls below 15.5 degrees Celsius and the amount by which the total for the month exceeds 90.

Payments will be made monthly in arrears to households who, during the previous month, qualified for Income Support Benefit, and satisfied the following conditions:-

* the household includes someone aged 65 or above and receiving a Jersey old age pension,

* the household includes a child aged under three years old, or

* the household includes someone with a high rate of personal care component under the income support scheme.

The household must satisfy these conditions for the whole of the previous month in order to qualify.

Here is an example of the scheme:- [figures apply to the period October 07 to April 08]

Daily temperature 10 degrees C = monthly payment of £16.16

Daily temperature 7.5 degrees C= monthly payment of £32.32

Daily temperature 5 degrees C = monthly payment of £48.48.

If more than one household entitled to a payment shares the dwelling, the payment is split equally between the entitled households.