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Next of kin

Extent: Jersey
Updated 16 July 2019

Words you may need to know

Next of Kin - family, nearest relative

Spouse - husband, wife or civil partner

Sibling - brother or sister

Principal Heir - the person who can handle the affairs of a dead person who died intestate

Intestate - someone who died without making a will and appointing an executor.

Sometimes if going into hospital or filling out a life insurance form, you may be asked to give the name of your next of kin.

Next of kin usually means your nearest blood relative.  For example, next of kin is normally a spouse in the case of a married couple, a civil partner in a same sex relationship, or a parent for an unmarried or divorced person.  Where there is no spouse or parent, the next of kin may be the eldest son or daughter or eldest sibling.

Next of kin is different from Principal Heir for legal purposes, that is, the person who can apply for Letters of Administration where a person has died without making a Will.  There is a traditional order of priority of those people who can act as Principal Heir and you should get legal advice if you are not sure.

You can also check with the Probate department at the Judicial Greffe on 441300.