Registration of births/marriages/deaths.

Extent: Jersey
Updated 08 April 2019

Words you may want to know


Amendment – revision, correction


Certificate - an official document authorising or confirming something


Declaration – a statement or announcement, a legal claim to a right 


Enable – to make it possible to do something


Extract – copy of a part of something eg a Register, song, book, speech


Illegitimate – a child born to its natural parents at a time when they were not married


Non-Anglican – of a religion other than the Anglican Church


Inheritance – when something is passed on to you


Licence – a permission or permit


Registered – to be recorded on a list


Registrar - a person responsible for maintaining an official list

Retrospective – when a decision is made but the effect of the decision and any change it introduces can be made to apply to something that happened before the decision was taken

Shortened certificate – one with only some of the information on the full certificate on it


The Superintendent Registrar

The Superintendent Registrar is the Island’s senior registrar who holds the registers of births, deaths and all marriages from 1842 to date and all civil partnerships from the introduction of the Civil Partnership (Jersey) Law, 2012. 

The Superintendent Registrar conducts civil marriages at the Register Office at 10 Royal Square.  It is the only register office in the island in which marriage and civil partnership can be celebrated.  The only other register office in the Island is that of the St Helier Registrars, at 12 Seale Street (behind the Town Hall.)  The Register Office for the Parish of St Helier is where all births and deaths, marriages and civil partnerships which occur in the parish of St Helier are registered.

Contact details:

Office of the Superintendent Registrar

10 Royal Square

St Helier




Tel: 441335                E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all enquiries



Each Parish has its own Registrar who registers all births and deaths, all civil and non-Anglican marriages and all civil partnerships in the parish.  Copies of the entries in all the registers are returned to the Office of the Superintendent Registrar in the Royal Square on a quarterly basis.

For a list of Parish Registrars and Deputies, see Names and addresses of Parish Registrars

For more information on birth registration  see Registration Of Birth

For Registration of Deaths / Marriages and other services provided by the Superintendent Registrar see Superintendent Registrar's Office