The Abbeyfield Jersey Society

Extent: Jersey
Updated 10 July 2019


    Contact Position: Manager Housekeeper

    Telephone: 01534 720251
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Website: www.abbeyfieldjersey.co.uk

   Abbeyfield House
    Nelson Avenue
    St Helier
    JE2 4PD

Aims of the Abbeyfield Society

Abbeyfield Jersey Society aims to provide care and companionship for the elderly;  the kind of life that elderly people are used to, within the kind of houses that remind them of home and not of an institution; to give comfort, security and friendship while preserving a warm friendly atmosphere, in districts familiar to them, and in privacy and independence.

Residents pay an inclusive charge which covers:

Your unfurnished room plus full share of the general costs of the house, including the cost of the Housekeeper.  The furnishing of your room, including the curtains and floor covering is entirely up to you.  You may have your own private telephone in your room if you wish, but all charges appertaining to this must be paid by you.

All lighing and heating.

Two meals per day - lunch and supper.

The basic requirements for breakfast, which you get for yourself, bread, butter, cereals, tea, coffee, milk etc.

 Are there any Rules

You are free to occupy and furnish your room in whatever way you wish.  Of course, as in any house, you should do nothing which unduly disturbs your neighbours. Otherwise, you are free to entertain yourself and your friends as you like.  The cleaning of your room is your own responsibility.

 Flats at Lynton

In addition to the rent, which includes Parish Rates, residents will be responsible for their own water rates, telephone and electricity bills and their own housekeeping arrangements.

If residents wish, they may take lunch in the Abbeyfield House on Sundays and one other day during the week at a small charge.  Meals may also be available in the event of temporary incapacity.

Residents of the Flats will be invited to take part in all social events at the Abbeyfield House and may use the garden, and communal sitting room as they wish.