Sheltered Homes

Updated 3 October 2016




Sheltered homes - not Social Housing, with warden and call button
Bon Air Apartments, St Saviour Apartments, chairlifts, call buttons, own kitchens but meals can be taken in the Nursing Home
Belleville, Wellington Road Apartments, lifts, own kitchens, call buttons. No nursing. Warden 737694
Oaklands Manor, Trinty Apartments for people over 50 years of age. Lift, own kitchens, call buttons. No nursing. Warden 863395
Jeanne Jugan Apartments, St John's Road, St Helier (Little Sisters of the Poor) Own kitchens, call buttons, nursing in main building. Day centre. Meals in main building. Mother Superior 875960
Abbeyfield House, Nelson Road, St Helier Bedsitting rooms in main building, apartments in ajoining building. Call buttons. Own kitchen in apartments. Meals taken in main building for bedsitting rooms, some meals for those in apartments by arrangement. See 8.40.5.L5
Housing built specifically for the elderly, either Parish or States run
St Johns. Le Vesconte Homes. Separate houses. No warden.
St Helier. Willow Court. The Limes. Apartments with kitchens. For disabled. Run by States. Day Centre up to three times per week. Lunch club twice a week. Nursing home.
Grouville. The Hollies. Gorey Village. Individual homes for elderly persons. Not sheltered.
St Saviour. Victoria Cottage Homes. Individual homes. Not sheltered but matron available.
St Helier. George V Cottage Homes. Individual homes. Matron available.
St Ouen Individual homes. Not sheltered.
St Peter Individual homes. Not sheltered.
St Lawrence Individual homes. Not sheltered.
St Lawrence - Sandybrook Sheltered housing units.
Applications via GP and/or Social Worker
St Martin Twenty individual homes. Caretaker on site.
Trinity Ten individual homes.

Not included in this list are homes comprising rooms only with central feeding eg Glanville or La Corderie. For list of residential and nursing homes, see 10.7.7.L3