Parenting Support Services

Extent: Jersey
Updated 04 November 2016

Words you may need to know


Challenge – a difficult thing to do and which takes some effort

Consultation – a discussion

Guidance – helpful ideas and suggestions

Dependent – when someone relies on or needs somebody else to do something

Effective – when something works

Enrolment – signing up or registering to do something

Literacy and numeric skills – being able to read and write and understand numbers

Positive – being strong; being hopeful, not being negative

Strategies – a plan or process to follow to reach a goal

Theory – the way something is understood to work


Parenting Support Services are offered at The Bridge Child and Family Centre, The Bridge, Le Geyt Road, St Saviour Jersey JE2 7NT

       Tel:    01534 449152       Fax:   01534 449155

Open:   Monday to Friday 8.45am - 4.30pm


The Parenting Support Team aim to help families by providing education and guidance about positive relationships. They offer a number of courses with activities which are based on child development and family life.

Each family is different but the team aim to provide support that will be useful when parents/carers are thinking about the needs and behaviour of their own children/young adults.

The programmes are run by trained staff and are designed to include a mixture of learning new skills, strategies and theory which is based on evidenced practice.


One of the good things about working in a group is the chance for parents/carers to share their views with each other. The sharing of ideas provides opportunities to think about things that have worked well and been a success. It also gives the members of the group the chance to think about new and different ways of effective parenting so that children, parents and carers have an enjoyable and successful relationship.


For full information about the different courses and the times and places where they run please see the website:




The Jersey Early Learning Literacy Years (JELLY) Clubs have been developed by Parenting Support Services in partnership with the Bridge and Jersey Library for pre-nursery children with their parents/carers, helping to develop early literacy and numeric skills and to help children become confident and ready for school. Enrolment is for one term, approximately 9 weeks during the school term.


When are clubs run?

Clubs run once a week during term time at various places for different age groups:

Jelly babies for ages 4-12 months

Jelly tots for ages 12-24 months

Jelly mix for ages 1-4 years


Parenting Support Group Courses

These courses aim to help parents increase their understanding of their children/ young adults at different stages of development and needs. They aim to help parents/carers find their own solutions to the challenges of family life.


Some courses are held weekday evenings and some mornings.


Courses include:

The Incredible Years (A programme for parents of  3- 10 year olds; a practical guide filled with examples of everyday problem situations and concerns, along with step-by-step suggestions on how to handle them)

Circle of Security (A programme for parents/carers of 0-8 year old children looking at strengthening and supporting their parent-child relationship)

Blame My Brain (A programme that aims to help parents/carers develop an understanding of their changing role as their child becomes a young adult)

Keeping children in mind (A programme for parents/carers who are separating, separated or divorced, looking at how to do the best for your children during this difficult time and to take care of their own needs also)


Free confidential consultations with a counsellor are also available for parents and carers. Book by phone.


If you are interested in finding out more contact:


-        the Parenting Programme Administrator on 449481

-        -email    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

-        Visit  www.gov.je/Caring/Organisations/Pages/Parentingsupportservices.aspx