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Abbeyfield Jersey - sheltered housing ( 8.40.5.L5 )
Ace of Clubs (Rouge Bouillon School) - after school and holiday care ( 8.30.84.L3 )
ADAPT ( 8.22.4.L1 )
Adoption in Jersey ( 8.30.55. )
Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment (8.45.1.L2)
Age Concern ( 8.40.25. )
Amnesty International ( 8.62.4.L2 )
Association of Jersey Charities ( 8.62.0 )
Barnardo's Jersey (8.2.2)
Bereavement counselling and support groups ( 8.45.16. )
Birth details, availability ( 8.30.55.L4 )
Bringing an elderly person to live in Jersey ( 8.40.0.L1 )
British Red Cross Society ( 8.60.1.L3 )
Carers - Respite Care ( 8.34.0.L1 )
Centre Point Trust ( 8.30.84.L2 )
Channel Islands Air Search ( 8.62.3.L27 )
Channel Islands Family History Society ( 8.55.7.L1 )
Charities who collect goods and recycling ( 8.62.1.L4 )
Charity shops ( 8.62.1.L5 )
Child accident prevention (Jersey) ( 8.30.80.L11 )
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service ( 8.30.5.L1 )
Child contact centre (drop-off centre) ( 8.30.40.L3 )
Child protection in Jersey ( 8.30.65.L2 )
Child Support Agency (UK) ( 8.27.10.L9 )
Childcare for Children ( 8.30.80.L7 )
Childline ( 8.30.65.L7 )
Childminding ( 8.30.80.L1 )
Children leaving Home, being left alone, babysitting ( 8.30.5.L5 )
Children's Service ( 8.30. )
Civil Partnerships- [8.18.9]
Collecting for Charity ( 8.62.1.L3 )
Community alarms / Alarms for the elderly - ( 8.40.0.L2 )
Congratulatory Telemessages from the Queen ( 8.55.3.L6 )
Dewberry House (8.2.3)
End of Marital Relationship Checklist ( 8.25.1 )
Family Mediation Jersey ( 8.25.13.L1 )
Fostering ( 8.30.60 )
Gender Recognition (Jersey) Law 2010- (
Help an African Schoolchild ( 8.62.4.L5 )
Human bones found ( 8.45.12.L12 )
Information for Charities during COVID-19 ( 8.62.1.L2 )
Jersey Association for Youth and Friendship (Hostels for young people) ( 8.62.3.L13 )
Jersey Women's Refuge ( 8.22.4.L2 )
Lady Taverners and Lord's Taverners ( 8.62.3.L24 )
Maison Des Landes ( 8.34.0.L6 )
Marriage abroad ( 8.18.8.L2 )
Marriage in church - Jersey, Times of ceremonies, Divorced couples - remarriage ( 8.18.8.L3 )
Missing persons / tracing people believed to be in Jersey ( 8.55.10 )
Out of hours services (10.6.7.L5)
Paternity testing for parentage assessment ( 8.30.10. )
RAFA - Royal Air Force Association - The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund ( 8.62.3.L29 )
Registration of Births/Marriages/Deaths. Certificates ( 8.55.3. )
Relate Jersey ( 8.25.13. )
Relationships and housing ( 8.28.0. )
Rights and responsibilities of children under eighteen ( 8.30.5.L3 )
Royal British Legion ( 8.60.1.L1 )
Sanctuary Trust - Men's Shelter (8.18.8.L4)
Setting up a charity in Jersey. To register a charity in Jersey ( 8.62.1.L1 )
Sheltered Homes ( 8.40.5.L2 )
The Silver Line UK (8.24.7)
Variety Club - Tent 52 (Children's Welfare) ( 8.62.3.L2 )
Video recording classification ( 8.30.1.L2 )

Childcare for Children  (8.30.80.L7)

Local Information


Child Care for Children


Extent:     Jersey

Updated:  12 September 2017


Words You May Need to Know

Options – choices

Registered – officially recorded / recognised

Co-ordinate – to bring activities or things together so that they work well together

Profile – short description or outline of something or someone

Recruit – employ

Accredited – when someone has gained a recognised standard or qualification to do something

Facility – here,  a place particularly for childcare

Session -  a period of time


Choosing the right childcare for you and your family is a very important decision.  There are many options available to suit different families’ needs. 

Those interested in the childcare provisions that are available in Jersey are advised to look at the following websites.


The Childcare and Early Years Service (‘CEYS’) is a government service which is based at the Education Department. 

CEYS register all Day Nurseries/Pre-schools/Childminders and School Aged Care.   

PO Box 142  Highlands Campus  Jersey  JE4 8QJ

Tel:  01534 449387     Fax:  01534 449334    Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening hours:  Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm

The information on the website includesA basic guide to childcare’ and has details of registered childcare centres.



If you have a complaint or concern regarding children in premises registered under the terms of the Day Care of Children (Jersey) Law, 2002, you should email CEYS on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , write to the address above or contact the Administrator on 449387.


Jersey Child Care Trust (‘JCCT’)

The JCCT is a charity that coordinates, promotes and facilitates the expansion of childcare provisions in Jersey by ‘Putting Families First.’

There is a lot of information about available childcare on their website.

JCCT, The Bridge, Le Geyt Road, St Saviour  JE2 7NT

Tel:  01534 629901                 Fax:  01534  629902                           Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Jersey Association of Child Carers

The JACC lists members who are registered childminders.  The childminder advertises their services by way of a personal profile so parents can find the most suitable and convenient childminder for the family.

Tel:  07700 808707     Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Information Available


Nannies are not registered under any Law.  Nannies are employed by the family and work from that family’s home.  When you have two or more children, the nanny may be a more affordable childcare choice.  The Jersey Child Care Trust recommends that you recruit a nanny who is either accredited or has the necessary qualifications to go on to apply for accreditation once in post.  For further information on employing a nanny visit

Parent/Baby/Toddler Groups

This is a group formed by parents or carers for children under 3 where the parents/carers remain present. 


A facility that may be offered in addition to another service, e.g. a hotel.  There are no legal requirements for carers to be qualified or checked as suitable adults to care for children.  It is worth asking for evidence of suitability.

Day Nurseries

Provide all day, year round care for children from birth to school entry age. Most day nurseries are privately owned and all are registered by CEYS. 


Provide sessional care and learning for children over the age of 2 for a maximum of 5 hours per session and are registered by CEYS.

Nursery Classes

They are usually attached to a primary school. Children attend either a morning session or an afternoon session during term time.

Children With Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND)

Parents of a pre-school child with special needs should visit

The website includes information about:

-          equal opportunities for all children

-          concerns about your child’s education

-          the Education Support Team (EST)


The Jersey Child Care Trust also has a Special Needs Inclusion Project where they support children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in accessing mainstream private nurseries – visit


Childminders are self-employed and care for babies from birth to children up to the age of 12 in the childminder’s own home.

For more information about registration please contact CEYS on 449387 or the Jersey Association of Child Carers website on


See also:   8.30.80.L1  Childminding 


School Aged Care Clubs

These are available outside of school hours for school aged children in a variety of settings.  They are registered by CEYS.


Help with Childcare Costs

For information about

·         Free early learning for your child

·         Help with childcare – Income Support