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Royal Court Family Division at the Judicial Greffe

Extent: Jersey
Updated 10 July 2019


Words you may need to know

Child contact – this is when someone is able to see their child. That might be on their own or at a centre where the contact is supervised or assisted.

Supervised – watched over

Sensitive – sensitive information may relate to an abusive relationship, health matters or information that is about the children.

Maintenance - this is money that is agreed between the partners or by the Court which is given by one partner to the other for living expenses. It is usually to care for any child/ren.

The Royal Court Family Division at the Judicial Greffe

The Royal Court Family Division at the Judicial Greffe is the Court that deals with all the things that are likely to happen in a family such as divorce, separation and child/ren. After divorce, Court orders can also be granted in relation to property and money. The judge is called the Registrar.

These kinds of matters are usually upsetting, very difficult and often private. It is for these reasons that the Court Officers are specially trained to deal with the case and to provide help and support for all those involved.

When there is a hearing that is sensitive, it will be held in private and most matters are held in the Family Registrars Court rooms. The kind of hearings that might be sensitive is things such as child contact or maintenance issues.


Royal Court House
Royal Square
St Helier

The Registrar - Family Division

Telephone 441300

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