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Jersey Rights Association

October 1998
Updated 18 November 2013

Formed in 1990 to draw attention to injustices or inequalities of a general nature, or denial of Human Rights, and to try to achieve improvements for the benefit of all Jersey residents.


David Rotherham

Telephone: 07797922386

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Aims and Objectives

  • To seek out, collate and draw public attention to the existence in Jersey of any significant social injustices, or denial of human rights in general, including any exploitation in housing, employment, electoral enfranchisement, taxation or other field as may be agreed by the membership in General Meeting.
  • To give guidance and assistance to any Island resident or group of Island residents, who appear to be suffering from any such injustices or exploitation.
  • To recognize that, in the matter of residential rights of the Island's permanent residents, a moderate level of discrimination, based on birthright and period of residence, is not unreasonable BUT to ensure that any such discrimination is always kept to the minimum level that can be justified, in all the prevailing circumstances, at any particular time.
  • To conduct political lobbying intended to persuade the States of Jersey to enact legislation that would have the effect of abolishing or reducing any of the social injustices, exploitation or dis- crimination aforementioned.
  • To research and publish information that advises and educates all residents of Jersey as to their rights and obligations under the laws of the Island.
  • To support the election to the States of Jersey Legislative Assembly, of one or more candidates, sympathetic to the Aims of the Association, though avoiding any specific I party political' alignment in the giving of such support.
  • To persuade each Department of the States of Jersey to publish and distribute free of charge, a clearly identified (and easily understood) leaflet outlining its current policy for the foreseeable future, on each subject for which it is responsible; and to review such published policies not less frequently than once every three years.
  • To promote and publicise the Aims and Objectives of the Association in order to prevent any misunderstanding thereof or any predudice arising from any such misunderstanding and to increase the membership of the Association.
  • To raise funds to carry out the Aims and Objectives of the Association.