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Enterprise and Business Development- Jersey Business

Extent: Jersey
Updated 19 September 2019

Words to may need to know


Established - set up

Independent - not under the control of any other person or organisation

Grant-funded - a sum of money given by the government to fund the service

Integrate - join together

Entrepreneurs - somebody who starts up or puts up money for new businesses

Governance - the control and authority

Driving Strategy – eg  to push forward business plans

Strategy -  plan or create policy

Delivery target – a goal to aim for

Priority – important

On-island – something that happens on or in Jersey

Viability - how likely something is to succeed

Legislation  - Law


General information

Established on the 28th November 2011, Jersey Business is an independent, grant-funded organisation that provides business support. It was created following a decision to integrate Jersey Enterprise’s on-Island business team and another organisation called Jersey Business Venture.

Jersey Business services include:

  • Starting up - start-up advice for would-be entrepreneurs including finance
  • Improve - advice for businesses wanting to develop
  • Grow - advice for businesses wanting to grow
  • Exit - advice for entrepreneurs who want to leave their current business

Governance of Jersey Business is via an independent Board who are responsible for driving  strategy, deciding on delivery targets and help Jersey Business to deliver goods and services which are considered to be a priority to on-island businesses. Board Members also give direct support to businesses when needed.

Services offered

Business start up packs

Viability assessments for proposed new businesses

Business planning advice

Database giving 350 + business profiles with a useful guide for new business start-up.


Types of general enquiries include:

Business start up legislation, business grants, cash flow issues, information on accountants, tax deductible expenses, bankruptcy, book-keeping, business bank accounts, business name registration, commercial leases, data protection, debt collection, hawker's licence, health & safety, insurance,  internet advice, legislation for food businesses, limited company formation, liquor licences, local employment legislation, marketing,  business premises and leases, patent application/registration, book-keeping assistance/trainers, residents of less than 5 years - employment/starting up, sale of business, Social Security - Class 2 contributions, termination of employment legislation, GST, VAT, venture capital, working from home etc.

Contact details
Jersey Business, 31 The Parade, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3QQ

Telephone (01534) 610300
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Opening hours: 9.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday