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Industrial Relations in Jersey

Extent: Jersey
Updated 11 January 2019

Words you may need to know


Industrial Relations -  the working relations between employers' organisations and trade unions

Conciliation - working with two or more parties to help them reach agreement on a matter

Consultative - advice giving, to be consulted upon

Model on – to design like


The Minister for Social Security is responsible for any changes in employment law, and for providing a service to the public to give advice and carry out conciliation in employment matters.

In March 1999 the States agreed to set up an advisory and conciliation service to be known as the Jersey Advisory and Conciliation Service (JACS) which was modelled on the UK service ACAS.

JACS was to be supported by an Employment Tribunal Service and a consultative body to be known as the Employment Forum. Nearly all claims of an employment dispute will be heard through the JACS system and the Tribunal Service.

JACS - Jersey Advisory and Conciliation Service

JACS offices are at:

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