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Jersey Hospitality Association

Extent: Jersey
Updated 18 September 2019

Words you may need to know


Hospitality - any business providing services such as catering and entertainment

Association - a group of individuals with a common purpose or interest

Represents -  acts or speaks on behalf of

Tourism - travelling for pleasure

Visa - a legal document which might be necessary to enter a country

Jersey Hospitality Association 

Ommaroo Offices

Havre des Pas St Helier


Telephone 721421

The Jersey Hospitality Association represents over 400 tourism industry partners including hotels, guest houses, apartments, self-catering, campsites, restaurants, attractions and travel providers. It encourages best practice in hotels through schemes such as:

·         Excellence Through People and Welcome Host

·         organises training for staff in the tourism industry on behalf of hoteliers

·         negotiates minimum wage rates and terms of employment with the Unite Union

·         organises the employment by members of the Association workers who require visas.


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Free legal advice

JHA members can obtain free legal advice (up to 2 hours) from Voisin & Co. Members must discuss their problem / dispute with the Executive Officer first, who will decide if legal advice is appropriate.