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Educational Psychology Service ( 5.6.38.L4 )


5.6.38.L4 / 8.30.5
Educational Psychology Service


   Extent:      Jersey
   Updated:   February 2017

Words you may need to know


Assessment - judging something, giving an opinion

Educational - the giving or receiving of knowledge, instruction, or information

Psychology - the scientific study of the human mind and mental states, and of human and animal behaviour

Service – here, providing help or support for someone



The Educational Psychology Service

The Educational Psychology Service (EPS) are part of the Education Support Team within the Education Department.

The EPS provides psychological services and support to all education settings and schools in Jersey to help children and young people (0-19 years) with a range of special educational needs (SEN).


Education Department, Highlands Campus, St. Saviour  Jersey JE4 8QJ

Tel: 01534 449442

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8.45am - 4.30pm

For more information about what EPS does and how they work see: