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Education- Special Provision

    Extent: Jersey
    September 1995
    Updated 11 November 2013 


Aims and objectives

1.  All pupils share the right to a broad and balanced curriculum. This right extends to all pupils of compulsory school age.

2.  Within the Island there is a commitment from all services to provide advice and support from birth for families and children with learning difficulties. Education is a shared responsibility between parents and professionals and where possible the students themselves. Students with learning difficulties have life long educational needs and have an entitlement to further and adult education.

Specific educational objectives

3.  To provide advice and support to parents from birth regarding their child's physical, social, emotional and learning needs.

4.  To provide individual learning programmes to meet each students special educational needs.

5.  To support the life long education of all students with learning difficulties throughout further and adult education.

Assessment and advice

6.  Assessment and advice to parents regarding their child's special educational needs and appropriate special educational provision.

7.  This may be provided by:-

  • Paediatrician
  • Health Visitor
  • Midwives
  • GP
  • Teacher
  • School Medical Officer
  • Psychologist

8.  The Assessment Process is co-ordinated by the Head of Pupil Support who holds regular meetings with all involved professionals.The Head of Pupil Support is Karen Le Mouton who is based at the Professional Development Centre.

9.  Where appropriate 'A Statement of Special Educational Need' or a Record of Need, in lieu of a statement, will be compiled in consultation with parents and involved professionals and will be reviewed on an annual basis.

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