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Electoral Districts

Extent: Jersey
Updated 25 April, 2016

Words you may need to know


Electoral district -  a district or area of the Parish in which Parishioners can vote


Parishioner - someone who lives in a part of the Parish


Deputies - an elected representative of the district


Eligible -  entitled to, or qualified to do something


Classified - arranged in groups



For electoral purposes the Parish of St Helier is divided into three districts for the Deputies as follows:

No 1: Cantons de Haut et des Bas de Ia Vingtaine de Ia Ville, three Deputies.
No 2: Vingtaines of Haut and Bas du Mont au Prêtre, three Deputies.
No 3: Vingtaines of Rouge Bouillon, Mont a 1 Abbé and Mont Cochon, four Deputies.

The following is a classified list of the roads and streets in the three electoral districts. It must be borne in mind that a man or woman otherwise eligible has a right to vote in the district they actually reside in and not the district in which their business premises are situated.

NO 1 DISTRICT Haut de Ia Ville

Ann Place, Ann Street,
Bath Street (from Queen Street to Minden Place), Belmont Gardens and Place, Belmont Road (33 to Simon Place), Beresford Street, Bond Street, Broad Street (1 to 5),
Caledonia Place and Avenue, Cattle Street, Chapel Lane, Charles Street, Church Street, Claremont Road, Clarence Road, Cleveland Road and Avenue, College Hill, Colomberie, Commercial Buildings, Conway Street (5 to 9), Cross Street, Croydon Road,
d Avergne Lane, Don Road, Don Street (King Street to Burrard Street),
Francis Street,
Green Street, Grenville Street, Grosvenor Street,
Halkett Place (Hill Street to Burrard Street), Halkett Street, Hastings Road, Havre des Pas, Hilary Street, Hilgrove Street, Hill Street, Hope Street,
Ingouville Place,
James Road,
King Street (1 to 35),
La Chasse, La Motte Street, Le Breton Lane, Library Place,
Marett Road, Market Street, Minden Place (3 to 6), Mount Bingham, Mont Millais, Mont Pinel, Mulcaster Street.
Nelson Avenue, New St James s Place,
Old Don Road, Old St James s Place, Ordnance Yard,
Peel Road, Peter Street, Pier Road,
Queen Street,
Regent Road, Rodney Avenue, Roseville Street and Lane, Royal Square, Rue de L Est,
Simon Place, St Clement s Road (west side to 74), St James s Street and Place, St. Saviour s Road (1 to Wellington Road), South Hill, Summerville Lane,
Tunnell Street,
Vine Street,
Waterloo Street, Weighbridge Place, Wellington Road, (Rue des Chenes, Beaulieu and Beaulieu Lodge), Wesley Street, Wharf Street.

Bas de Ia Ville

Anley Street,
Broad Street (4 to 41),
Castle Street, Charing Cross, Commercial Street, Conway Street (8 to Esplanade),
Dumaresq Street,
Esplanade (to Gloucester Street),
Gloucester Street (lower),
Hue Street (1 to 5),
King Street (34 to 79),
Library Place (14 and 16),
New Cut, New Street (1 to 39),
Payn Street, Pitt Street,
Sand Street, Seale Street, Seaton Lane and Place,
York street (1 to 10).

NO 2 DISTRICT Bas du Mont au Prêtre

Apslev Road,
Bath Street (from Minden Place to David Place), Belmont Road (1 to 32, Brighton Road (1 and 2 Bijou Villas and Tredor Flat only), Burrard Street, Byron Road and Lane,
Chevalier Road, Clairvale Road. Clarendon Road. Common Lane, Craig Street,
David Place, Devonshire Place and Lane, Don Street ( Burrard Street to Duhamel Place), Dorset Street, Duhamel Place and Street,
Garden Lane. Great Union Road (Devonshire Place to Dorset Street), Great Union Street, Grove Street,
Halkett Place (Burrard Street to Wesley Grove Methodist Church), Hue Street (6 to 32½),
James Street, Janvrin Road (not Le Coie).
Le Geyt Street, Lempriére Street,
Midvale Road, Minden Place (1, 2, 9 and 10), Minden Street, Museum Street,
Nelson Street. New Street (38 to 85),
Old Street, Oxford Road,
Palmyra Road, Phillips Street, Providence Street,
Robin Place, St Mark s Road (to 77 one side and 62 the other) and Lane.
Springfield Road (I and 2). Stopford Road (to 69 one side and 74 the other),
Union Court, Union Street.
Val Plaisant, Vauxhall Street. Victoria Street,
Winchester Street, Windsor Road,
York Street (12 to Old Street).

Haut du Mont au Prêtre

Dongola Road, Drury Lane,
Grands Vaux,
Highfield Estate,
Le Geyt Flats (31 to 7S. Les Vaux New Road, parts of the former Nicholson Park.
Nicholson Close (1 to 16),
Pillar Gardens (I to 12 Grands Vaux),
Rouge Bouillon (Drury Lane to Trinity Road),
Springfield Road (except I and 2),
Trinity Road, Trinity Hill,
Vallée des Vaux (to Bymill), Valley Road, and Haut du Mont au Prêtre.

NO 3 DISTRICT Rouge Bouillon

Albert Street, Almorah Crescent, Aquila Road,
Brighton Road (not 1 and 2 Bijou Villas and Tredor Flat),
Cannon Street. Cheapside. Clare Street, Clearview Street, Columbus Street,
Elizabeth Place and Lane, Esplanade (58 to Grand Hotel),
Gloucester Street (upper), Great Union Road (Dorset Street to Rouge Bouillon),
Journeaux Street,
Kensington Place and Street,
Lewis Street and Lane, Lower King s Cliff (Quebec House and Quebec Cottage),
Newgate Street,
Parade Road, Patriotic Place and Street, Peirson Road, Pomona Road and Lane, Poonah Road and Lane,
Queen s Road (to Queen s Lane leading to steps), Queen s Avenue and Lane,
Raleigh Avenue, Rouge Bouillon (1 to Drury Lane), Roussel Street,
Savile Street, lower part of Old St John s Road.
The Parade,
Undercliffe Road, Upper Clarendon Road, Upper Midvale Road, Upper Clairvale Road,
Victoria Crescent,
Westmount Road, West Park Avenue.

Mont a L Abbé

Bellozanne Road. Bellozanne Vallev (Destructor side),
Clubley Estate,
Lower and Upper King s Cliff,
Manor Park Road, Mont a l Abbe,
La Pouquelaye, Queen s Road (from La Fontaine),
Richmond Road,
St Aubin s Road (to West Lea), upper part,of St John s Road (from Trafalgar Terrace), upper part of Old St John s Road (Aberfeldy Hotel to Mont Martin Cottage),
Tower Road,
Vallée des Vaux (from Bymill to Brook Cottage), Victoria Avenue (to West Lea),

Mont Cochon

Bellozanne Valley (part),
First Tower Hill,
Hansford Lane,
Mont Cochon,
St Andrew s Road, St Aubin s Road (from Brooklyn to Millbrook House Farm),
Victoria Avenue (from Belle Plage to Seafield Cottage),
Waterworks Valley (Landscape Farm, White Lodge and Valcot only).


For electoral purposes the Parish of St Saviour is divided into three districts for five Deputies as follows:
No 1: Vingtaine de Petite Longuville, two Deputies
No 2: Vingtaine de Sous L'Eglise, two Deputies
No 3: Vingtaines de Maufant, Sous le Hougue, Pigneaux and La Grande Longueville, one Deputy


For electoral purposes the Parish of St Brelade has been divided into two districts, as follows.
Vingtaines of Noirmont and Le Coin, one Deputy
Vingtaines of Les Quennevais and La Moye, two Deputies.