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Fines and other penalties

Extent: Jersey
Updated 18 November 2013

Scale of fines

1. Fines levied in the Courts in Jersey are enforced under the Criminal Justice (Standard Scale of Fines) [Jersey] Law 1993, which creates levels of fines as follows:

Level one offence £50 maximum
Level two offence £500 maximum
Level three offence £2,000 maximum
Level four offence £5,000 maximum

2. Various offences under criminal law or Road Traffic Law are limited to these levels, and so it is possible to know what the maximum penalty is likely to be. It is within the discretion of the Magistrate's Court or the Royal Court to impose lesser penalties where appropriate.

Parking fines

3. Roadside parking offences which are brought to Court are subject to fines of a minimum of £70 to a maximum of £100 depending on the type of infraction.

Other fines - when alcohol-related (with effect from 10/11/00)


Urinating in a public place £500 maximum
Drunk and disorderly }
Causing a breach of the peace } £5,000 maximum
Common assault }
Grave and criminal assault no fine, instead a community service, probation or custodial sentence would be imposed.

Exclusion from licenced premises

5. The Magistrate has issued a warning that public order offenders who use violence could be banned from entering licenced premises for up to two years as well as having to pay a fine. If a person who is banned does enter licenced premises it would be contempt of court and they would be likely to be sent to prison.

6. For an exclusion order to be issued it is not necessary for the offence to have taken place on licenced premises, nor does the alcohol need to have been consumed on licenced premises, all that is necessary is for the offence to have taken place after alcohol has been consumed.