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Channel Islands Dental Plan ( 10.7.4.L6 )

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Channel Island Dental Plan

Extent: Jersey
Updated 11 November 2013

What is the Channel Island Dental Plan

This is plan operated by a private company which enables dental costs to be spread evenly and prevents a patient from receiving large dental bills.

How does the plan work

The patient makes an appointment for an initial check with one of the dentists in the scheme, see para 9. Mention the scheme when making the appointment, ask if there will be a charge for this appointment, if so how much.

The dentist will examine the teeth and mouth to see if a patient is dentally fit.

If the patient is not dentally fit, an estimate will be prepared and a monthly maintenance figure will be calculated. The patient will be expected to pay 10% of the estimate, plus one sixth of the remainder, and make a standing order to pay for the remainder over five months. After six months, the maintenance figure will apply.

If he patient is dentally fit, then a monthly fee is agreed with the dentist, an application form is filled out and standing order instructions given to bank for the agreed monthly maintenance fee. There are no other joining costs.

A banker's reference or a guarantor will be required to ensure that payments will be made following treatment.

What is covered by the plan

All routine dental care is included. Two check-ups per year, scale and polishes, preventative therapy, oral hygiene instruction, treatment of gingival and periodontal diseases, fillings, root canal therapy, radiographs, extractions under local anaesthesia, protheses including crowns, bridges, inlays and dentures.

Excluded are: Denture loss or repair. treatment by a dental or medical consultant, root canal work on premolar or molar teeth adjudged by CIDP not normally to be attempted by that practitioner, pharmaceutical prescription costs, panoramic radiographs when such facilities are not available at the dental surgery, general anaesthetics, more expensive treatments than planned for at initial examination, implants, 30% of laboratory costs.

How are the payments made

For those who have to become dentally fit. 10% of the estimated costs plus one sixth of the remainder are payable as a joining fee. The remainder of the estimate is payable over a period of five months in equal payments. Once dentally fit, the patient will pay the agreed monthly fee to stay dentally fit.

Leaving the plan

A patient can leave at any time provided that the cost of becoming dentally fit has been repaid in full ie after six months.

Dentists in the plan

Mr J Bracken  9 Bath Street, St Helier  730951 
Miss Jane Bracken  9 Bath Street, St Helier  730951 
Mr D Wishard  8 Stopford Road, St Helier  874996 
Emma Barrett 9 Bath Street, St Helier 745467 

Jersey Dental Fitness Scheme

The Channel Islands Dental Plan should not be confused with the Jersey Dental Fitness Scheme which only for young people up to the age of 21 and requires the client to be dentally fit before joining the scheme. See 10.7.4.L5 Jersey Dental Fitness Scheme.